Live traffic & travel news for Leeds

Live traffic & travel news for Leeds

Obviously, I myself can only speak for that part lying north of the city centre. The proposed route along the A corridor has been chosen very largely for historic reasons, a number of which no longer apply. The closure of the halls and the move of the school to Alwoodley have had a significant effect on traffic in our area, and yet no one has been able to satisfy me that a thorough and comprehensive traffic survey has been carried out here since December , and certainly not since the closure of Bodington Hall in It needs to be proved more clearly that this is still the most polluted and congested route in Leeds. The whole subject needs to be considered more comprehensively on a regional basis. For family as well as professional reasons, I have from time to time used rapid tram systems in Europe, notably those in Montpellier and Strasbourg. In neither of these towns do you find other traffic using the same streets in the city centre. It is only found on the wider boulevards further out, where proper segregation is possible, with a raised pavement, and sometimes even grass, lining the dedicated tram lanes.

Headingley Stadium

Fine margins – This game was effectively settled when Norwich knocked off at a free kick. They had been warned. Leeds struck a post minutes before Pontus Jansson glided into space to finish with a fine glancing header. In essence, there was little to choose between two sides cast from the same mould. Both possessed ball players and a commitment to smooth, considered passing rhythms.

Doc Brown’s detailed CHEMISTRY REVISION NOTES. for GCSE , IGCSE, and O level, ~US grades 8,9,10 level science students. Part of DOC BROWN’S CHEMISTRY REVISION WEBSITE and also includes revision notes on ‘Earth Science’ and ‘Radioactivity, the .

What force makes the earth rotate on its own axis? Could its rotation ever slow down? It is always spinning and causes the earth to spin with it. When it does, the entire eco-system could be wiped out if it’s a big enough shift. Mega tsunamis, total change of weather systems, etc. Antartica could end up in the tropics. Johnathan Wilkinson, Surabaya, Indonesia No force is needed because there is no resistive force trying to slow the earth down, so in a sense it rotates now because it rotated before: To a good approximation, the planets and sun exert zero rotational as opposed to linear gravitational forces on each other.

However, there are subtle couplings related to deformations of the planets, which is why for example the moon rotates so that one hemisphere is always visible from earth. By a similar mechanism the earth’s rate of rotation could also change. Tom Boddington, Leeds, UK Another factor is the earth’s “moment of inertia”, a concept like mass but related to rotations rather than linear motion.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A house has been completely destroyed after a massive explosion in Leeds that left the area looking like a “war zone”. Photos show huge damage to the property in the city’s Cookridge area and a man was reportedly seen lying on the floor outside. Residents reported hearing a “loud bang” just before 3pm that shook the windows of nearby homes and police have evacuated neighbours.

A gas engineer of nearly 30 years’ service who was working nearby said: The top and side of the house can be seen in ruins An engineer described being able to smell gas at the scene of the explosion Image:

A Brief History of Bus Making in Leeds. Introduction. Having made its mark in the construction of railway engines and road traction engines, it was perhaps logical that Leeds should progress to the construction of buses.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Garry Monk knows all about being under pressure after making a slow start to a season. Working for infamous Italian Massimo Cellino at Leeds United last year, he was understood to be on the threshold of losing his job after the West Yorkshire club lost four of their first six league fixtures. However, timely wins took the heat off Monk and his revitalised Leeds team would mount a creditable promotion challenge before finishing seventh.

A run of five games without a win has left Boro 13th in the table and the natives are restless.

No force is needed because there is no resistive force trying to slow the earth down, so in a sense it rotates now because it rotated before: angular momentum.

Acknowledgements Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Co Robert Blackburn built his first aircraft in , as fully covered on the aircraft builders page. Any such diversification was delayed by the demands of the First World war, however. Initially the aircraft produced at Roundhay Road were test flown from nearby Roundhay Park, but as production stepped up this became unsuitable so, in a site was acquired at Brough, East Yorkshire, with facilities for testing both land and sea planes.

In the Brough site was requisitioned by the Government, being returned to Blackburn’s following the end of hostilities. After the war Brough was briefly used by a subsidiary of Blackburn’s, the North Sea Aerial Navigation Company, to operate a passenger and freight service to Holland, as well as resuming its testing duties. It was already becoming clear that it would make sense to move aircraft production to Brough although it would be a number of years before this happened- the process was begun “by ” and completed in so the plans for diversification were dusted off, the intention seemingly being to keep the Leeds factory fully occupied by increasing the output of other products as aircraft production wound down.

The first manifestation was the production of a small number of luxury motor car bodies, beginning in

New Generation Transport

Anita and Mark Libotte have run Valley Electronics from an end terrace shop beside the River Calder, and the bridge spanning it, for 32 years. Outside the store are bin bags full of ruined gadgets and goods, which are now useless and worthless. Horrific flooding here in Yorkshire over Christmas.

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Headingley Rugby Stadium The rugby ground sits to the Southern side of the complex. Historically a rugby league ground it now hosts both codes. It is home to Leeds Rhinos rugby league team and Yorkshire Carnegie rugby union club. The ground consists of three stands and an open terrace at one end, one stand is completely seated, one standing and one mixed. It has a capacity of 21, North Stand and entrance Redevelopment on the rugby side of the ground Yorkshire County Cricket Club have shown keen interest in redeveloping the northern side of the ground.

This is a major inconvenience to Leeds Rugby Limited as they wish to redevelop their North Stand, which backs onto the Cricket Ground, any redevelopment of this stand cannot go ahead until Yorkshire Cricket are also willing to redevelop their side of the cricket pitch. If Headingley is to retain Test Ground Status it is likely that further improvements will need to be made to the ground.

The work should start for the start of the season. The head is built in the shape of the Yorkshire Rose. Phase Two The rebuild of the Football Ground End, in conjunction with Leeds Rugby, to incorporate a three-tiered seating area, which will accommodate 5, seats, enhanced corporate facilities and new permanent concession units.

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History of Technology Heroes and Villains – A little light reading Here you will find a brief history of technology. Initially inspired by the development of batteries, it covers technology in general and includes some interesting little known, or long forgotten, facts as well as a few myths about the development of technology, the science behind it, the context in which it occurred and the deeds of the many personalities, eccentrics and charlatans involved.

You may find the Search Engine , the Technology Timeline or the Hall of Fame quicker if you are looking for something or somebody in particular.

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Sex workers ply their trade within the managed red light district located in the Holbeck area of Leeds Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email It’s been referred to as the world’s oldest profession and as long as sex has been for sale it’s often come with exploitation and violence. Today drugs are often linked to prostitution and problem of how to make the sex industry as safe as possible is constantly being grappled with. For the last year in the Holbeck area of Leeds what is thought to be the country’s first managed red-light district has been in operation.

The scheme – which is being considered by other local authorities – allows women to work in certain areas within designated hours without fear of arrest as long as they abide by certain rules. Yet three weeks after the trial zone was made permanent year-old prostitute Daria Pionko was killed and questions surfaced about just how successful the scheme is.

Parlington Hall, Aberford, West Yorkshire :: The story of its demise, and much much more.

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Find All incidents in Leeds. Listings of All incidents in Leeds and the surrounding area. From York Press.

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Headingley Stadium in Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, is the home of Yorkshire County Cricket Club and Leeds Rhinos rugby league and Yorkshire Carnegie rugby union clubs.. There are two separate grounds, Headingley Cricket Ground and Headingley Rugby Stadium, with a two-sided stand housing common lly owned by the Leeds Cricket, Football and Athletic Company, the.

Hover your mouse over the picture for info! To move to the next image hover over the small band of image on the left or right. Notes about the above pictures. The five images are taken from earlier versions of the home page. They are gathered on the lawn in front of the central part of the hall, the semi-circular bay, is just out of shot on the left. The man wearing the hat behind the 3 nurses in the far distance, looks like Colonel Frederick Richard Gascoigne, his wife Gwendolen is in the foreground holding an umbrella, standing next to Herbert Prater Estate Manager.

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The earliest recorded Ossett Ingham is William Ingham who was a felt maker, yeoman and Ossett landowner. He first shot the crocodile but didn’t kill it, so he dived on top of it as it escaped back into the river and then despatched it with his bare hands by plunging a hunting knife into its throat. Sadly, William Ingham met a very grizzly death, when he was killed and eaten by cannibals on Brooker Island in New Guinea in December The town of Ingham in Queensland is named after him.

I first learned of Parlington Hall in the early ‘s at the time it was the office of an Art Licensing Operation, and I was engaged to undertake a sampler CD-ROM of classic artists work, I still have a few left from the production run!

Before the 19th century, European roads were in bad condition. Some were originally old Roman roads viae romanae ; some were trails dating from the Middle Ages. Travelling was slow and exhausting. Most people could not read or write, and Spain was no exception. Inns, called posadas, albergues, or bodegas, grew up along the roads, offering meals and rooms, plus fresh horses for travellers.

Since few innkeepers could write and few travellers read, inns offered their guests a sample of the dishes available, on a “tapa” the word for pot cover in Spanish. In fact, a “tapa” was and still is a small portion of any kind of Spanish cuisine. According to The Joy of Cooking , the original tapas were thin slices of bread or meat which sherry drinkers in Andalusian taverns used to cover their glasses between sips. This was a practical measure meant to prevent fruit flies from hovering over the sweet sherry see below for more explanations.

The meat used to cover the sherry was normally ham or chorizo , which are both very salty and activate thirst.

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