Dubai old & new: incredible pictures of the changing skyline

Dubai old & new: incredible pictures of the changing skyline

Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link Mina Basaran and her hen party pictured at a Dubai resort A bride-to-be and her hen party were killed when their private jet crashed in an Iranian mountain range on the way home from Dubai. According to reports in Turkish newspapers, the passengers on board were bride-to-be Mina Basaran, 28, and a group of friends who had been celebrating her hen party. Violence breaks out over blackface Black Pete character at Dutch Christmas parade Socialite Mina was a star on social media and has more than 85, followers on Instagram. Several of them worked in fashion, as jewellery or clothes designers, and appear to have all been part of the upper echelons of Istanbul society. Advertisement Advertisement An image believed to have been posted on social media by Mina as they took off from Istanbul on Thursday shows the hen party posing with three female crew members. Mina Basran also posted a photo online believed to have been taken inside the private jet Mina Basaran, believed to have been pictured before getting on the plane to travel to her hen do The plane is understood to have crashed an hour into the flight from Dubai Picture: Man shot dead by hunter who mistook him for a deer She posted photos on Instagram recently that are believed to be of her hen party, which included eight women. In another picture, she holds heart-shaped balloons inside the plane and on Saturday, she posted a picture with seven smiling friends from a Dubai resort. The last videos posted to her account showed her enjoying a Rita Ora concert at a popular Dubai nightclub.

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The Best Views and Photo Spots The most breathtaking view in Dubai is from the top of the Burj Khalifa, but how do you take a photo that illustrates just how tall the world’s tallest building is? Here are our top five spots in Dubai for taking amazing photos of this architectural giant. You’ll get incredible views across the marina, looking back at the city. This public beach stretches along the south coast from the junction of The Palm Jumeirah Island.

We suggest afternoon tea on the Risala terrace, or drinks in the Neos sky lounge on the 63rd floor. Safa Park Located 3 kilometers from the Burj Khalifa, this green space offers a dose of tranquility within the city — and unique photos looking back across the lake, towards Dubai’s skyscrapers. Our Tips How do you get a great picture of the Burj Khalifa?

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Dubai: then and now. We gathered a selection of aged images and had them reshot from the exact same position, years later. Spot the difference! Becky Lucas and Lucy Usher. August 18, AM. Deira Clock Tower Deira Clock Tower Now. World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road

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Dubai’s unfathomably high skyscrapers, reaching into the clouds, are matched only in size by its vast, sprawling shopping malls and its residents’ bulging bank balances. It’s renowned as a playground for the rich, a place where entire communities of ex-pats enjoy the trappings a tax-free haven can offer. However, as these pictures taken during the s show, the emirate city has undergone a remarkable transformation in a very short space of time. Dhows pictured on the city’s creek above was once the centre of Dubai’s pearl trade and it divides it into two sections; pictured below is a crew taking part in a traditional dhow race In these images, taken from the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding , Dubai is almost unrecognisable in its former life as a fishing settlement, not long after the Gulf states struck gold with the discovery of oil.

While it is known today more for its fast cars and life of luxury, it was not that long ago that the city was as familiar with camels and dhows as it is now with Ferraris and indoor ski slopes. Dubai was a small fishing settlement when it was taken over in by a segment of the Bani Yas tribe from the Liwa Oasis.

Dubai: In the mids, when the Timelapse images begin, Dubai was a small desert city of about , people, overshadowed by nearby Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. What growth Dubai had experienced was mostly recent; in the s it was little more than a village, with pearl diving its chief industry.

The Dubai Police Force and the Australian Federal Police had been watching their every move and made the dramatic arrests before they could take their seats. The party was over. AFP Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan said there was perception among organised crime syndicates that a person is ‘untouchable’ once they are overseas. This is only the beginning,’ he said on Tuesday. Middle Eastern Crime Squad and Australian Federal Police officers conducted dawn raids on 32 homes scattered across Sydney on Tuesday, issuing 52 warrants.

Investigators arrested 17 people in three countries – nine men and one woman in Sydney, five men in Dubai and two men in The Netherlands. The raids mark the biggest police operation on organised crime in the last ten years.

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The Nasimi Beach party of Dubai is one of the oldest celebrations for New Year’s Eve in Dubai. Once you enjoy this party, it stays with you your entire life. The dance, the music, the pop singers of the top rank, the beach, the party along the Atlantis The Palm is an impossible to forget experience.

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He comes back to hotel Mabhouh is killed Team begins to leave hotel 20 January 1: The Mossad allegedly set up a makeshift command and control center in a hotel in the Bercy neighborhood of Paris equipped with computers and secure phones. He left the hotel between 4: While the suspects apparently used personal encrypted communication devices among themselves to avoid surveillance, [40] the suspects were alleged by Dubai police to have sent and received a number of SMS messages to telephone numbers in Austria.

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Wikinews has related news: A member of hotel security was then called in to open the door. After the door was opened, al-Mabhouh’s body was discovered on the bed.

Dubai then and now

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