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I googled this but could not find anything concrete about a tunnel to backstage. It would be great to see the exit from google maps, satellite view. I know there was a way down but never gave it much thought. So I decided to enlist some Disneyland experts in the Micechat. I got many great responses so let me summarize them for David. Yes, there is a tunnel!

How to Hook Up Your Home Theater

The Village at Meridian, E. The Walt Disney Company, masters of all things synergistic, apparently thought it was a good idea to bundle Tomorrowland—a tedious film with no beginning, middle or end, let alone a tomorrow—with a promotion urging the audience to visit “the real thing,” at the company’s legacy theme park in California. The big-screen ad included faded but lovely home movies of a family visiting Disneyland, circa , when the park was only around 9 years old.

The narrator of the advertisement was a something grandpa type, beckoning the audience to return to Anaheim, Calif. That’s pretty much all you really need to know about Tomorrowland, the movie: It’s a vision of a tomorrow, still frozen from the Cold War-era, which would be about the time grandpa then a boy first set foot inside the Magic Kingdom.

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So Cal Edm Events Leave a comment Welcome everyone, as the year comes to a close I had an idea to ask some people who either have some influence, will influence or are a driving force on social media in the EDM world! We asked them to answer ten questions that we thought would be insightful or maybe give us an idea of what the year was like to these people in our EDM world this past year.

Do you run a social media site? Do you work for the industry? Tell the people they must know! I am the Creative Director for Tomorrowworld music festival, and the director of operations for Tomorrowland. I have no training and shoot most events on a pocket camera.

What do you actually do at a festival (e.g. Tomorrowland)

Next weekend, Warner Bros. The top 20 films per Rentrak Theatrical: Story contains estimated B. Seriously people, it was an awful Memorial Day weekend. And that was an atrocious Memorial Day weekend: You launch your big guns, big pics — your mega franchise sequels — and nothing less.

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Originally Posted by 4kfan Hi Steve, I’m quite interested in buying the 65″ c, and am waiting until our local retailer displays it so that I can at least have an idea of what it looks like. In the meantime I’d like to ask some questions that hopefully you can help with. Originally Posted by 4kfan First, at least from what I’ve read, this TV is direct lit with frame dimming. If so, what’s your opinion on that technology as compared to edge-lighting and edge-lighting with local dimming?

I’m personally happier from what I see in term of brightness uniformity than with the B. This is from a couple of hours with the TV, but it seems to me that there is way less clouding effects than on the B.

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Scott Kirsner Scott Kirsner Anthony, Frederick Douglass, and a dozen others. We’re waiting for the morning run-through to begin. And it’s dark down here below the stage, save for the glow from green and amber indicator lights. Bruce Long, a Disney Imagineer who is in charge of “show quality” at the company’s six theme parks around the world, is standing next to me. Then he gives the cue for two technicians to fire the show before guests begin streaming through the gates of Epcot Center’s World Showcase at 11 a.

Sep 01,  · Not trying to come off the wrong way, but if you can’t wire it up using the diagrams found in the main STC thread, you might want to consider finding someone that can do it for you.

Fresh starts are, as Henry says, probably a pipe dream. And by the time we return to these characters in season five, I suspect many of them are going to find these fresh starts feeling like the stale lives they had before. Not only does he not hesitate to tell the staff about the engagement — when in the past he always hated his co-workers knowing anything about him — he seems eager to do it.

Now, you can look at his behavior one of two ways. Leaving aside things in the distant past like the Korea switcheroo or his encounter with Roger at the fur shop: Betty had to leave Don. Don then had to turn himself into the drunken caricature who slept with and then humiliated Allison.

Sex In A Tent On Tomorrowland

This might be something that has been discussed and I may need to be linked to the topic. I define hookup culture in this thread as the lifestyle of jumping from woman to woman, getting with randoms and being a bachelor while getting sex from a lot of different women. It has dawned on me lately that a lot of the avenues that promote hookup culture such as dating apps, nightlife and the hedonist party lifestyle are all geared towards younger people.

The perception is that in your teens and twenties, you “get it out of your system” and by your thirties, you get your shit together. I am a big supporter of this idea when it comes to career and finances, not as much when it comes to relationships. The guys I have seen live that sort of lifestyle are younger.

Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications.

A Message From inthemix: As one of the oldest Australian new media companies, we have ridden the waves of change in media, technology and social over the past 18 years, and we know that the only constant part of these worlds is change. Evolution has always been in our DNA. Last year we rebranded FasterLouder to Music Junkee because we knew that the days of choosing just one genre were over, and the results have been amazingly encouraging.

Over those years inthemix has charted the undulating rise of electronic music, festivals, DJs, nightclubs and the entire culture that it spawned. Please take the time to remember all the good times here. This change does not mean that we are giving up on electronic music. What is changing is the way that we cover it. The editor that will be leading this new direction is Jules LeFevre. Jules has been working on Music Junkee since its launch and FasterLouder and inthemix before that and is fast establishing herself as one of the best music writers and editors in the country.

The only thing we are certain about the future is that we are going to continue to evolve. Thank you to every person who has been a part of the inthemix story from the very beginning to now. Thank you for the memories.

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Edit Lux meets Baze. At the beginning of the series premiere it is just before her 16th birthday, and she is trying to get her emancipation paperwork together so she can get out of the foster placement system. She hunts down her birth father Baze to get release forms signed, when she knocks on the door Baze, Math and Jaime think she is a girl scout selling cookies when she finally convinces them that she is Baze’s daughter, Baze signs the paperwork right when Tracy bazes girlfriend at the time walks into the room baze tells her who her mom is and she is shocked when he tells her that her birth mother is Cate Cassidy, the host of the radio show she loves so much.

Tracy than asked Baze why he was hiding a teenager behind his back and he tells her the truth. When the two show up at Lux’s court hearing, the judge explains to Lux that no one would rent a jobless 16 year old an apartment, both birth parents jump up offering to co-sign for her. The judge then explains further that the release signatures were not notarized, therefore making them invalid, and instead much to the surprise of the recently reunited trio decides to grant Baze and Cate joint custody.

Nov 08,  · Hong Kong Disneyland: Marvel land (Opening date: TBA): Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland already has an Iron Man Experience ride and has .

Spanning two weekends, the festival boasts some of the biggest names in electronic music. With over 20 stages there is bound to be something for everyone. Attracting people from across the globe, the festival has one of the most interesting mixes of people and styles. Getting There Getting to Belgium is the hardest part.

The easiest way to get to Tomorrowland is to fly into Brussels and catch the train to Boom. There is easy access to public transport buses and trains as well as shuttles. Boutique camping is also offered for those who want a little bit of luxury. These options range from having your tent set up for you, to luxury camping pads with beds, espresso machines and private lounge terrace.

In the western world, is hookup culture a young man’s game

When he’s chilling in his hotel or at home his guilty pleasure is watching Breaking Bad so that’s great news that he will be up for a movie in bed date. Ronson has many celebrity connections starting with his own step-father Mick Jones who is the guitarist in Foreigner. Growing up his childhood friend was Sean Lennon and he had sleepovers at Michael Jackson’s house.

Tracklist / Playlist for Dusky – Take A Trip 4 at Mick’s Garage London (Part 2) , 52 tracks, 3h53m, House, Tech House, Deep House.

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FIFA World Cup

Tuesday, April 13, Camping at Disney Did you know that you can stay on Disney property without staying in a Disney hotel? If you are a fan of camping, you can enjoy the campgrounds at Fort Wilderness to save you money on hotel lodging! Nestled on wooded acres of lush pine and cypress trees, the fully-equipped campsites let you camp out in comfort.

Time seems to slow down while you wander the quiet trails, and roaming ducks, deer and rabbits add to the sense that you are far away from the bustle of modern civilization.

Feb 02,  · Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for .

This screening is on Monday, May 18, at 7 p. The more social actions you complete, the more points you score and the higher yours odds of winning! Preferably, use your computer to enter rather than your smartphone. If viewing this page on your computer, make sure you allow pop-ups. Entries can continue being submitted through Sunday, May 17, at 5 p. These Hookup winners will be awarded via e-mail that night. To see your entry count on a repeat visit, submit your name and e-mail again.

Jeff Seid – Festival King