Drivers must have a valid driving license Passengers must be 12yrs plus. These cunning and fun, little tasks put a variety of team working skills to the test. Leadership, communication, planning and support are all required in order to successfully complete each task. As ever with teamwork, planning and talking about it is all very well — but it is the execution of the task that matters. You try to remind yourself just which team member it was that spoke up about the rope being too heavy to hold for that long — as your prize slowly sinks in to the river Accompanied at all times by one of our skilled instructors you will soon develop daring off road skills. Fishing The family fishing pond is ideal for beginners and children. The fishing pitches are on a pond, which is well stocked with rainbow trout, so, with a little skill, you could catch your dinner!

ACT for Youth

To date or not to date. That is the question. That is indeed the question. The hottest topic on the minds of Junior High age kids as the hormones ramp up to a fever pitch. What we teach is of grave concern to parents as well.

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By Mary Gormandy White Every youth leader needs a bevy of games and activities on hand for youth group. Keeping a ‘stock’ of games and ideas to use in a pinch will prove to be a lifesaver. Design your activities with your group member’s ages in mind, and the kids will have fun no matter how silly or serious the activities are. Fun Game Activities Who said youth group can’t be a little on the silly side?

These types of activities can help to bring shy individuals out of their shells and get them to participate in future activities. Bubble Gum Blow-Out This is a relay game using bubble gum and a piece of paper affixed at an easily reachable height on the wall for all players for each team. Each player has to race to a table on the other side of the room. They then have to pick up a piece of bubble gum, unwrap it and start chewing it.

They then have to blow a bubble and stick it to a piece of paper on the wall for their team using only their mouth.

Hooking Up vs. Holding Out: Helping Youth Find a Healthy Sexual Balance

Feel free to add or subtract to fit your youth group needs. Then the youth will tell you what title they selected and you will read to them one of the questions under the title. What do you feel about the poor in the world? If you could ask Christ to change one problem in the world today, what would you like him to change? If you could personally witness any event in history, which one would you choose?

Preaching Sermons for Youth. Our sermon ideas for youth or youth services will help you preach a relevant and engaging message for your senior high youth group or junior high youth group.

Teens are embracing a lifestyle of sexual purity like never before. Helping them understand why God created sex within marriage is vitally important. That’s why the church and other faith based organizations need to step forward and reinforce God’s plan in a “cool” way! I believe using this material in our churches will head off a lot of heartache for our young people and their families.

Donnie Hilliard, co-author of Magnificent Marriage, Montgomery, AL “This study of dating gives couples more than just restrictions, it gives them purpose. It also gives relevancy to the dating relationship as more than just kids at play, but people with love to give and be received. Any couple planning to further their relationship What’s the Big Deal with Dating? Who Are You Looking For? What Do You Need? What Are You Waiting For? How Far is too Far?

You can make as many copies as you need every time you teach this course! You’re saving tons of money over other curriculum options with this feature alone!

Christian Relationships

There are games that convey a positive message, as well as a life lesson, that let kids learn while still having fun. Blind Journey If you are running a religious youth group, this is an activity about faith in God. Gather all of your students in one location that doesn’t have any dangerous objects they could trip over. Have all of your students wear blindfolds and have them separate and try to make it back to a certain location.

After a few minutes, try the same activity in pairs with one partner wearing the blindfold and one not. The seeing partner can guide their blindfolded partner but only using their voice.

Immodest clothing is any clothing that is tight, sheer, or revealing in any other manner. Young women should avoid short shorts and short skirts, shirts that do not cover the stomach, and clothing that does not cover the shoulders or is low-cut in the front or the back.

Book of Jude Brad Anderson: Like us, Jude lived in an age which preferred toleration to truth, and regarded all religions as equally valid aspects of the quest for a supreme being. He calls upon his readers to reject the false teachers and to stand up for the true faith. Christian music is a very controversial issue within many churches today. Churches have split because of disagreements over the style of music the church uses or does not use.

Focus is made on Church music and Personal music. This study will examine several significant actions Christians are to take toward one another to help build up the local church. As the individual members of the church implement these responsibilities, the church itself will become stronger.

youth group lessons on dating

This is a fun youth ministry game that serves a double purpose: To remind the youth players of things that strengthen or weaken their relationship with God; To have fun as a group of young people who are building their faith in Jesus Christ. Leaders will have blown up about balloons of various colors and shapes.

The leaders will write phrases or words that remind players of some of the ways they can be closer to God on half of the balloons.

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Two of the students in your youth group are dating. Things are going fine. And then they break up. What happens after that? At worst, the pain and awkwardness of those continued interactions between the former-couple leads one or both of them to drop out of youth group altogether; sometimes for a season, and sometimes forever. It was less than two months.

How serious could it have been? That spirit of empathy should guide your ministry going forward. Every time I deal with a break-up, I try my best to remember my high school break-ups. You need to be empathetic toward those feelings. Feeling legitimately rejected legitimately hurts. The awkwardness of a fresh breakup sends out ripples that can make everyone in the room feel uncomfortable.

After a period of time usually shorter than a month, a lot of that awkwardness has worn off, and a student can be coaxed and encouraged to return. Begin that mentoring relationship with the expectation that the student will come back to youth group in a few weeks.

Free Youth Bible Study Lessons

In this lesson we are going to review by going over two of the tunes you already know, Cripple Creek, and Fireball Mail, both based on the playing of bluegrass pioneer Earl Scruggs. Both Scruggs recordings are from the classic Foggy Mountain Banjo album, recorded on Columbia- which apparently is back in print, and available from Amazon. The next three Cripple Creek MP3 examples are all fiddle recordings.

The lead fiddler is probably Clayton McMichen, and the singer is Riley Puckett, who had already achieved prominence as the first country music singing star. This is a Smithsonian field recording made around , and was released on the Folkways album Traditional Music from Grayson and Carroll Counties, Virginia. The third example is a recording of the late Senator Robert Byrd, who was not only one of the most powerful politicians in America, but was also an excellent old-time fiddler.

DV Single Day Lesson Plan (45minutes) The key to this lessons success is student discussion, not lecture. If you are pressed for time don’t sacrifice the opportunity for February is National Dating Violence Awareness Month, that means that the whole month is dedicated to raising awareness about an issue that affects all of you.

This letter, written by John about what Jesus had revealed to him, spoke of many things to come. But it also included letters written to each of the seven churches by name. This letter we now know as the book of Revelation and it’s found, fittingly, at the end of the bible. In this series of articles, we’re going to look at two chapters that were written directly to these seven churches.

While they’re written for seven distinct churches of the time, the repeated command “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” Revelation 3: So with that in mind, why don’t you grab your Bible, or visit http: There’s great stuff for all of us in these letters. Real churches, real issues A few months ago, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to the remains of these seven historic cities, located in modern-day Turkey.

Not only was I able to see that these places were in fact real locations, but I was also able to learn a bit about the cities and the people there, and understand the seven letters more clearly. In most of the letters, Jesus commends the churches for their strengths – but he also, often very strongly, reprimands them for their weaknesses.

6 Things to Remember When Teaching Teens About Sex

Adhesive tape is not made for repetitive use. The strongest bond adhesive tape is capable of making is formed with the first surface to which it is applied. You can remove the tape and reapply it to other surfaces Contributed by Bruce Howell on Jun 19, A high school girl wrote the following letter to a friend: I attended your church yesterday.

Two of the students in your youth group are dating. Things are going fine. And then they break up. What happens after that? At best, it’s a recipe for several weeks of awkward interactions, showboating, repressed emotions, and a broken social dynamic within your group.

Each brief is designed to get key findings from the literature review into the hands of policymakers and practitioners. Overall, the briefs are intended to provide trustworthy, up-to-date information that can be used to identify what works to combat sexual offending and prevent sexual victimization. You can click on the pictures to view their content. This fact sheet is intended for CAC leaders and staff, with guidance on building the response to problematic sexual behaviors, the key role CACs play in addressing this issue, and building community support for the CAC response.

This fact sheet is an overview of problematic sexual behaviors in youth and children, and includes basic information on the continuum of childhood sexual behaviors, criteria for problematic sexual behaviors, the role of language and science in informing the response, and next steps for communities. It is appropriate for community partners, multidisciplinary team members, and general education on the issue for CAC staff and community members. This fact sheet is intended for caregivers of children and youth with problematic sexual behaviors, with guidance on the how caregivers can help their children and answers to pressing questions caregivers and family members may have.

Public Policy and Practice.

The Most Challenging Things about Being a Christian Teen Girl